Mission organizations

Congregations have not forgotten about the vitality exhibited when Christians and congregations join together in mission efforts beyond themselves yet is an effort close enough to call “our own”.  That’s where our Eastern District Mission Organizations (EDMO) come in.

An EDMO is an organization of congregations that work to initiate, raise up, and support mission efforts in a given region. EDMO’s do mission work.  They are proponents of mission education thereby seeding mission awareness among constituents.  They are locally owned and operated.  They are uniquely comprised and governed.  No two EDMOs are alike.  They exist because strong mission-minded individuals are interested in working with other Christians in other LCMS congregations.  While they are self-governed they operate within applicable and appropriate supervision of the District President to ensure that the mission of the church and the teachings of the church are honored.

To date, four EDMO’s exist in the Eastern District:

1. Philadelphia Lutheran Ministries (PLM)

2. North East Pennsylvania (NEPA)

3. Lutheran Inter-City Network Coalition Rochester (LINC-Rochester)

4. Pittsburgh Area Lutheran Ministries (PALM)

“Angel Tear Ministries” is a self-funding ministry that operates through the auspices of Concordia Lutheran Homes in Cabot, PA.  While Angel Tear Ministries generously supports mission work at home and around the world, it is not an Eastern District Mission Organization with a purpose of doing mission work directly in the community.