Who we are

Eastern district vision

We desire healthy leaders vigorously equipping God's people to promote kingdom growth.

breaking new ground

The people of the Eastern District have accepted the challenge to "Break New Ground" for the mission of Jesus Christ.  The basic operating principles for Breaking New Ground include:

ESTABLISHING a process for new ministry, mission and church starts.

HELPING with the training and development of lay leaders.

FORMING geographical clusters of pastors and congregations that will work together as we move into the future that God has ordained for us.

IMPROVING communication and connections with local congregations.

eastern district profile and facts

The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod Eastern District is one of the four original districts of The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod (LCMS)

123 Congregations located in New York, Pennsylvania and the panhandle of Maryland

9 elementary and 48 preschools

25,000 communicant members, 32,000 baptized members

102 active pastors and 72 retired pastors

Over 200 educators (teachers, principals, Directors of Christian Education, Deaconesses, Directors of Christian Outreach, and Directors of Family Life Ministry)

Hundreds of lay people who lead and teach in our congregations

Four Regions (Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and Rochester) represented by four Vice Presidents

Eleven Circuits cared for by Eleven Circuit Visitors

Regional Mission Initiatives located in Buffalo, Rochester, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia

Eastern District Map

What's A District For?

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