Mission  Moments


The following stories and resources are some of the exciting

Mission Moments that are taking place throughout the Eastern District, LCMS. 

These stories of God at work through the people and congregations of New York, Pennsylvania and Maryland come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.  The people and congregations involved in these stories covet your prayer and support!






From Pastor Art Zogar, Eastern District Missionary to Liberia:

Lenten greetings come to you and our brothers and sisters of the Eastern District.
Before proceeding, I want to take this time to thank you and people of the Eastern District for your continued supports to the Liberia Mission Project. Without your financial and prayer supports, we would not have made the rapid progress we are making. The mission work in Liberia is going on very well. The credit is not ours, but the Lord who causes the plant to grow. We only plant and water, but the Lord gives the increase (1 Corinthians 3:6).
Here are few highlights of the ministry:

1. We had received permit from the Liberian government to operate the school from kindergarten to junior high level (from kindergarten to 9th grade) with thirteen teachers and three administrative staff members. Half of the teachers are volunteers because the school does not generate sufficient funds to pay them.
2. The church, New Hope Evangelical Lutheran Church, is attracting people in the community, especially young people. Our Sunday worship attendance averages between one hundred to one hundred twenty-five people. Our baptismal font is always wet. The next baptism is scheduled for Easter Sunday. To God be the glory, great things He is doing.
3.  As reported some time ago, four young men who are assisting me with the ministry are being trained in Lutheran doctrine. Some had graduated from a local Bible college – Monrovia Bible College – and some are senior students at the same college. However, they need Lutheran doctrine.
4. We received some financial assistance from people in the District which enabled us to meet some of the major needs we had last year. We renovated the school, built toilets for the students and staff, and a hand pump was recently installed with funds donated by Christ Assembly Lutheran Church in Philadelphia. Pastor David Werly and the people of Trinity Lutheran Church (Utica, NY) sent a consignment of educational and church materials to Liberia last year. We distributed these materials upon arrival. We want to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to all those who assisted us financially and prayerfully last year. Special thanks to Bob through whom we received some funds for the ministry. Thank you very much, Bob.

One major problem we are faced with is the demand from the elderly people in the community who want to learn to read and write like their children. These men and women who never attended school all their life are asking us to open night school so they may learn to read and write. In other words, they want us to open an adult literacy school. They want the school in the night because they are very busy in the day. 
This is possible, but only with your help. There is no electricity in the area where the school is located. The only electricity company available in the area is owned by an individual. People who can afford the cost, and very few people can, get it. Those who can’t afford the cost use candles or flashlights.
In view of the above, I am appealing to the good people of the Eastern District to please assist us in purchasing a fuel-powered generator which costs $1,300 in Liberia (see accompanying photo). This will not only help us to open the night school for the community people, but it will enable us to have evening Bible study as well.

Finally, as you attend the Convention this year, please remember us in your deliberations. We have the will to do ministry in Liberia, but we lack the necessary resources. We are not traditional missionaries who are usually supported by budget from a district. Ours is a self-supported ministry, except for funds that we receive once in a while from generous people within the Eastern District. These funds are used exclusively for the ministry. My family and I live on the meager retirement pay I receive every month. In fact, that’s why it took us seven years to complete our house in Liberia — from 2010-2017.
I would like to attend the Convention as an observer if I can afford the ticket. Thank you again for your supports.
Yours in His service,
Pastor Arthur W. Zogar
Eastern District Missionary to Liberia
P.S. I am appealing to the Eastern District to send someone to Liberia this year to see the work you are supporting. Liberia is safe. You will love it here. 





Dear Dr. Wicher & Saints of the Eastern District,


Epiphany greetings come to you from the mission field in Liberia in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


On behalf of New Hope Evangelical Lutheran Church and in my own name, we want to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to the Eastern District saints for your continued support for the Liberian Mission Project. Your prayer as well as your financial support over the past two years has enabled the ministry to make tremendous progress in such a short period. We are very grateful to you for your support.


We are pleased to inform you that the year 2016 was very successful in term of ministry. The Lord blessed us both spiritually and physically. The followings are some of our achievements during the year under review:

  • On March 27th the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Liberia under the leadership of Bishop/President Amos Bolay, recognized our Bible study group as a full-fledged congregation under the name New Hope Lutheran Church of Liberia, with Pastor Arthur W. Zogar as its senior pastor. We subsequently baptized twenty-four young adults and children, and our next baptism is scheduled for Sunday, March 26, 2017.
  • Our Sunday morning worship service averages between hundred and one and ten people per Sunday. Ninety-five percent of the people came to Christ during our Bible study.
  • The New Hope Lutheran Academy has an enrollment of 225 students – from nursery to grade 8. However, due to the financial difficulty in Liberia, one-third of the students cannot pay the $60.00 per year tuition fee we charge each student across the board. Since our mission is to assist our unfortunate brothers and sisters, we allow these students to continue their education.
  • When we visited the United States in June 2016, we received funds from the following churches and individuals to purchase chairs for the school.
    • Christ Memorial Lutheran Church, Malvern, PA, $500;
    • St. Luke’s Lutheran Church, Croydon, PA, $480;
    • The Men’s Department of Christ Memorial Lutheran Church, Malvern, PA, $200;
    • Mr. and Mrs. Dave Sennenberg $100, and
    • Philip Tweitmeyer of Hope Lutheran Church of Levittown, PA, $500.
  • With this amount, totalling $1,780, we bought 89 new armed chairs for the school @ $20 a chair. However, fifty of the chairs were stolen during the Christmas break because the new annex to the school where we stored the chairs has no doors. Chairs that were placed in classrooms that have locks were not stolen. Many of our students bring chairs from home until we can purchase chairs for them (Photos of the annex without doors will be sent under separate cover for easy reference).
  • While in the US, we visited the Reverend David Werly and Vicar Peter and Mrs. Elizabeth Saie in Utica, New York. Martha and I were highly welcomed, and Pastor Werly began to collect educational materials for New Hope Lutheran Academy. Though the educational materials have not reached Liberia, we are very hopeful they will come sometime this year.
  • We have four young men in our congregation who are undergoing Lutheran training: They are Sam Wleh, Lawrence Gorwor, Steven Manuel, and Pewee Johnson. Sam Wleh graduated from a Bible college in Nigeria; Lawrence Gorwor graduated last year from the Monrovia Bible College in Liberia; Steve Manuel is a sophomore student at the Monrovia Bible College and he is also principal of New Hope Lutheran Academy and Pewee Johnson is expected to enroll at the Monrovia Bible College next semester which begins July this year.
  • During our annual Convention held in Gbarnga in May 2016, Bishop/President Amos Boly appointed Pastor Arthur Zogar chairman of the Board of Ordained Ministers of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Liberia.


Before we take leave of you, please permit us to thank you once more for your support of the Liberian Mission Project. Without your support the ministry would have been a failure. Thank you a million times!!


We are kindly appealing to the people of the Eastern District to assist us with some funds to purchase doors and locks for the annex and to replace the stolen chairs.

Chairs: 50 chairs @ $20 each = $1,000 
Doors: 12 doors @ $85 each =    1,020
Total costs ……………………… $2,020

Thank you once more and we look forward to having another successful ministry this year.


Your fellow laborers in Christ,

Pastor Arthur and Mrs. Martha Zogar
Missionaries of the Eastern District to Liberia


P.S. In order to speedily receive any funds you may send to us, you may either direct them to the Eastern District or send the funds through our mission account and send us an email message. Ecobank Account #0113144707417401.





Pastor Art Zogar writes from Liberia: “The first picture here are men I have trained over the past

year and am still training in Lutheran doctrine. Please keep them in your prayers.”

liberia pastors


Worship Services in the new sanctuary!






Pictured is a mother and children who requested to be baptized.  
According to Pastor Art Zogar, the requests for baptisms are “through the roof”
Another picture is of the Bible Study group.
The building without a roof is the new church build.  
The funds donated by the Eastern District will put a roof on the building for the new congregation to use.
Pastor Zogar states that the people of the mission are very eager to get this project on its way.




From Arthur Zogar, our Eastern District Brother in Christ, Missionary to Liberia:


Greetings in the name of our Risen Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
We just returned from Liberia where we had been breaking grounds
for new ministry. I am delighted to report to you, Dr. Wicher, that the
Lord was with us in every way. We did gather a small group (48) people
who the Lord called in His fold. These are all unchurched people, our
main target. 


We hope to return to Liberia ASAP to commence building a place of
worship and fishing for more people for the Lord. Please continue to pray for us.


Thank you very much for your prayers.


Yours in His service,
Rev. Arthur W. Zogar, Pastor
Christ Assembly Lutheran Church
229 N. 63rd Street
Philadelphia, PA 19139



                                Below are some pictorial report from the mission field in Liberia.

          Sunday, April 20th, we gathered to study and and have prayer together. This is what we do every Sunday
            evening. When we become formal worship, the congregation will be called Christ Memorial
                                                       Evangelical Lutheran Church of Liberia-LCMS.


These are members of my own family who accepted the Lord Jesus Christ during our missionary trip to Liberia.My aunt and some of my sisters and their children. They are members of the newly formed congregation.


These men are members of the newly formed congregation. They are being trained in Lutheran
doctrine. On Sunday, April 20th, I took them to Universal House of Prayer (UHP) Evangelical
Lutheran Church of Liberia, and introduced them to Bishop Amos Bolay.


I am preaching at the Universal House of Prayer Evangelical Lutheran Church of Liberia.



Parents brought in their children to be baptized; but since we have no facility and are far away from Bishop Bolay’s church (about 45 miles), we did postpone the baptism until we return to Liberia.

Bishop Amos Bolay welcoming us at the UHP Evangelical Lutheran Church of Liberia-LCMS.

Note: If a church or an individual wishes to support our work in Liberia, please make check payable to
Christ Assembly Lutheran Church

229 N. 63rd Street, Philadelphia, PA 19139
with a memo: For Liberia Mission.




From Arthur Zogar, our Eastern District Brother in Christ, Missionary to Liberia:


“Dear Brothers and sisters, I greet you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I hope you all are doing well as we are doing on the mission field in Liberia.  Thank you for your continual prayers on our behalf. We’re not on vacation; rather we are on an evangelism trip. As I stated before, the Lord is working wonder in this country. The people are really hungry for the Word of God.

The following are pictures of some of the activities that are taking place.


Picture one: We are digging outside toilet on the school campus, where we hope to build a church. We are molding 3,000 cement blocks for the foundation. Praise God from whom all blessings flow! !

Bible study


Picture two: A partial view of our Bible study group. Presently we have 35 unchurched people who have committed themselves as members of the ministry. We are hoping to have a place to meet before the raining season begins.


Picture three: Another partial view of the Bible study group. We (Martha & I) bought these musical instruments with our own money and sent them to Liberia before coming. When we sing and play the instruments, people come to see what’s going on. Then I begin my task – witnessing to them. This method is working very well.



Picture four: The last picture shows people roaming about aimlessly looking for their daily bread. This is Sunday morning and the place is a market near where we have the school. These are our targets. THE UNCHURCHED. 



I pray that some of our brothers and sisters will make a short mission trip one of these days and see for themselves what I am talking. Please pray for funds in order to build a place of worship. Because without a place to call   their church, these people may go away. Remember, they’re not strong Christians yet.. They are babes in Christ.
Thank you again for your prayers.  Yours in His vineyard,
Rev. Arthur W. Zogar, ELWA Highway, Paynesville, Liberia, 011231888542324, 011231555307068 Email: calcawzogar@aol.com





Liberian Mission

Pastor Art Zogar (Christ Assembly in Philadelphia)


Pastor Zogar has returned to Liberia and will retire there at the end of this year.  It is his dream also to start several new missions.


Here is a recent quote from Pastor Zogar from Liberia:  

“Please continue to pray for us. We are breaking new ground for ministry. We are meeting every Sunday at 4 pm for Bible study. The response is impressive. This past Sunday there were forty-five in attendance. The Sunday before that we were sixteen. I am using the Small Catechism and Lutheranism 101 in teaching the people. The Lord is really doing His own work. He is working in the hearts of the unchurched in Liberia. I am really excited!  I can hardly wait to come to Liberia permanently to work with these people. I have prepared a blueprint of the church I plan to build, God willing. I will share this with Bishop Amos Boley when he returns from the States.”




EDMO Reports to the Eastern District President