The following is a compilation of resources that may be of value as your congregation reviews and evaluates it’s anti-harassment, employment, child safety and crime prevention policies. As you review these materials, it is important that before adopting ANY such policy, your congregation consult with your insuring agency and/or an attorney.

Anti-Sexual Harassment Policy

Anti-Sexual Harassment Policy Model

Brotherhood Mutual Online Training Courses

Child Protection Policy for Churches

Creating Sexual Harassment Policies for Church Workplaces

Crime Prevention E-Book

Critical Incidents Manual


Equal Employment Opportunity


Model Harassment Policies

OSHA Fact Sheet Workplace Violence

Preventing Crime and Violence Guide One

Sample Workplace Violence Policy Statement Training Outline Incident Report

Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment Prevention Policy – Faith Lutheran Church/Faith Christian Nursery School Sample

Sexual Harassment Preventing Me Too

Sexual Harassment Prevention Toolkit for Employers

Staff Boundaries

What Does Sexual Harassment Look Like in the Church?



Before 1984, churches had not faced litigation for negligence concerning child molestation related to volunteers or employees. However, today church leaders find themselves as defendants in litigation cases. Plaintiffs allege that the church and its leadership did little or nothing to screen ministers or church workers prior to employment as a minister or enlistment to serve as a volunteer.

The risk to the local church today is too high NOT to take all of the precautions necessary and rely on the data available to alert them about harmful individuals.

  • Protect My Ministry:  The LCMS has negotiated special rates for congregations and schools with “Protect My Ministry.”  For information on their services, click “ProtectMyMinistry.”
  • Ten Reasons Why Church Leaders Should Take Screening Seriously: Ten Reasons
  • Sharing Sacred Secrets: Is It (Past) Time for a Dangerous Person Exception to the Clergy- Penitent Privilege? Boston College Law School

  • Screening Church Leadership:  A PDF article on the importance of screening congregational leadership:  Screening Church Leaders
  • Congregational Screening Policy: A sample screening policy for congregations and schools:  Screening Policy