Jim Carr, Lay Director Section One

Carl Fretthold, Lay Director Section Two

Jon Allen, Lay Director Section Three

Mark Erbelding, Lay Director Section Four

Melissa Fultz, Lay Director Section Five

Terry Miller, Lay Director Section Six

Susan Bell, Lay Director Section Seven

Garrett Nash, Lay Director Section Eight

John Pingel, 1st Vice President, Buffalo Region

Carl Prostka, 2nd  Vice President, Rochester Region

Dan Hahn, 3rd  Vice President, Pittsburgh Region

Fred Hoover, 4th Vice President, Philadelphia Region

Cyndi Alviani, Commissioned Minister Representative

Brian Smith, Eastern District Secretary

Chris Wicher, President, Eastern District, LCMS

The Eastern District Board of Directors consists of the District President, the Four Regional Vice Presidents, the District Secretary, the Commissioned Ministers Representative, and eight Sectional Lay Directors.  The Board operates under a Policy Based Governance model and structure.