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From the Convention Floor

 LCMS Convention Update - Monday, July 22nd


Agenda- Sunday/Monday

"From the Bobservation Post"
Bobservation Drawing

I have been wanting to use the phrase, "From the

Bobservation Post" ever since I read it in Philip Gulley's "Home to Harmony".  In that book, the town newspaperman chronicles life as he observes it from his desk situated in the front window of his newspaper office located on Main Street.


Taking a little literary license, I too would like to use these next four emails to share some "Bobservations" of this convention from my "desk" on Main Street - a table in the media section on the floor of the George R. Brown Convention Center...



"Bobservations - Monday, July 21st"

  • Point of Order
  • In the Language of the People
  • Meet Your Newly Elected East-Southeast Region Vice President
  • Election of the Secretary of Synod
  • Convention Business, News Releases, Photos and Videos


Point of Order!

The words are shouted from the floor:  "Point of Order," "Point of Privilege," "Point of Information," or "Point of Personal Information."  All debate immediately stops.  The chair recognizes the unidentifiable voice shout from somewhere among the 1,200 voting delegates present.  The delegate quickly moves to the microphone.  A hush comes over the assembly as delegates wait to hear the cause for interrupting the flow of the convention.  The chair recognizes the microphone to which the delegate is moving.  The delegate begins, Mr. Chairman, a point of personal privilege.  My wife had to go back to hotel to get a sweater because is it so cold on the convention floor.  Can the air conditioning....."


Welcome to the exciting world of Roberts Rules of Order.  The convention chair has been seriously schooled in the finer points of Roberts Rules of Order.  Immediately at the Chairs right hand on the rostrum is a professional parliamentarian who will be present in that seat for all election and business sessions.  Immediately to her left is the Secretary of Synod who himself is well schooled and experienced in the Rules of Order.  Sadly, such is the nature of large, legislative gatherings, even gatherings of national church bodies.


The point of all of the above?  Give thanks!  Give thanks for your family of Christ as you gather in your Voter's Assemblies.  Give thanks that your governing gatherings are gatherings that are based upon trust and care, where the love of Christ does not need to be legislated, and where the goal of all present is the propigation of the mission of Jesus Christ in your place!



In the Language of the People

MendedoMonday morning was begun with the words of homilist Rev. Dr. Tilahun Mendedo, president of Concordia College, Selma, Alabama.  His credentials are outstanding.  His vocational history is broad and impressive.  His vitae would humble anyone who is reading this paragraph.  But this paragraph is not about Dr. Mendedo, but rather about Bob Foerster.  As I (and I alone as my wife likes to remind me) like to say “It’s all about Bob”.


Dr. Mendedo’s message was recognized by the chair as one of the most outstanding sermons on the chosen text that he has ever heard.  I could not testify to that fact.  I could not testify to much of what Dr. Mendedo shared.  I could not testify because I struggled to understand his words in light of his Ethiopian accent and in light of the acoustics of this cavernous convention hall.  Although I knew the import of what Dr. Mendedo was saying, the old Adam in me allowed me to opt out of serious attending to his moving words.  And as a result, I missed the import of his message.


What does the above say about our churches? Our doctrine and theology, not unlike Dr. Mendedo’s credentials, are beyond comparison. But, are we speaking that most excellent message in an “accent” that the Bob’s of our communities are not inclined to go out of their way to understand?  Are we speaking the saving love of Jesus in words and terminologies that make it difficult for the Bob’s of our communities to comprehend, and as a result, they give up trying to hear? For a few moments today, I became "one of them" - and maybe have a little better missional understanding because of it!



Meet Your Newly Elected East-Southeast Region Vice President

KuhnRev. Robert Kuhn was elected on the second ballot to the position of Vice-President of the East-Southeast Region of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod.  Kuhn is a resident of Oviedo, Florida, a member of the Florida/Georgia District.  Kuhn has served as pastor of congregations in Illinois, as First Vice President of Synod, as President of Synod (one year, 2001) and as a member of the LCMS Board of Directors from 2001 to 2013 (nine years as Chairman).


In Other Elections


Dr. Raymond Hartwig was re-elected to the position of Secretary of the Synod on the first ballot with 83.7% of the votes.


Convention Business, News Releases, Photos and Videos

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