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From the Convention Floor


Agenda- Sunday/MondayLCMS Convention Update - Sunday, July 21st


"From the Bobservation Post"
Bobservation Drawing

I have been wanting to use the phrase, "From the

Bobservation Post" ever since I read it a number of years ago in Philip Gulley's "Home to Harmony".  In that book, the town newspaperman chronicles life as he observes it from his desk situated in the front window of his newspaper office located on Main Street.


Taking a little literary license, I too would like to use these next four emails to share some "Bobservations" of this convention from my "desk" on Main Street - a table in the media section on the floor of the George R. Brown Convention Center...



"Bobservations - Monday, July 21st"

  • Opening Divine Service
  • The Historic Gavel
  • The LCMS Convention Moves Deeper into the Electronic Age
  • Elections
  • "Un-official" Official Delegation Photo



Opening Divine Service Communion Ware

One of the highlights of any National Convention is the gathering of brothers and sisters from across the nation and world in worship.  It was so at the National Youth Gathering in San Antonio.  It was so on Sunday night at the America’s Center in St. Louis, Missouri.  The accompanying photo is of the special communion ware that was commissioned for this Divine Service.  Click on the photo for a brief video

of the making of these 60 sets of communion ware.



Presentation of the Historic Gavel

Banging once, twice, three times with a historic gavel, the Rev. Dr. Matthew C. Harrison,

president of The Lutheran Church—Missouri GavelSynod, formally opened today the first business session of the church’s 65th Regular Convention “in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

Like every LCMS president since 1911, Harrison used the intricately carved gavel — bearing the likenesses of Martin Luther and the Rev. Dr. C.F.W. Walther, the Synod’s first president — to mark the official opening of the convention, the church’s principle legislative assembly.

The gavel is made from the wood of the first log cabin built by German Lutherans who settled in Perry County, Mo., in 1839 and went on to join in founding the LCMS. (LCMS

Communications Office)



The LCMS Convention Moves (somewhat awkwardly) Deeper into the Electronic Age

New to the convention this year is a Microphone Queue device, one assigned to each delegate, designed to allow delegates to access microphones for speaking for or against a motion.  This electronic device (that resembles a simplified television remote) makes it easier for the Convention chair to recognize speakers in the proper sequence.  Now, consider also that all voting is accomplished by another electronic device designed specifically for voting and you can envision the confusion that often resulted on the part of delegates – not unlike having two almost identical TV remotes at your disposal in your home.  Let’s just say that at times delegates switched stations inadvertently.




The following are the results of the balloting for first vice-president and the five regional vice-presidents:

First Vice President -

      Herbert Mueller (MO) on first ballot

Regional Vice-Presidents

      Central Regional – Daniel Preus (MO) on first ballot

      East-Southeast Regional – Robert Kuhn (Fl/Ga) on second ballot

      Great Lakes Regional  – John Wohlrabe (SW) on first ballot

      Great Plains Regional – Nabil Nour (SD) on second ballot

     West-Southwest Regional – Scott Murray (TX) on second ballot

Vice-President Rankings

     2nd Vice-President – John Wohlrabe

     3rd Vice-President – Daniel Preus

     4th Vice President – Scott Murray

     5th Vice President – Nabil Nour

     6th Vice President – Robert Kuhn



"Un-Official" Official Delegation Photo

Below is the preliminary "pirated" photo of the Eastern District taken during the official photography session of the delegations from each District.  Bobservation:  The editor of this post was one of the few who behaved during this important event.  Others, who will remain nameless, did not follow the editor's lead ( but you just have to love Dave Bernard and Keith Frieling anyway).  Oh, wait....

delegate photo


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