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Eastern District Ministerial Health and Salary Guidelines

  •      Download the Ministerial Health and Salary Guidelines here


Eastern District Salary Compution Worksheet

  •      Download and Open the 2016/2017 Salary Planning calculator (Microsoft Excel).



A salary committee has prepared these guidelines that we believe you will find helpful as you begin the salary planning process. While guidelines are never prescriptive, they can be suggestive of an approach that can be used to review the compensation you are providing your professional workers. We hope that these guidelines will assist congregations in providing the proper level of financial and personal support to all of the professional church workers in the Eastern District, so that:

  •  God will be glorified
  •  The ministries of the congregation will be empowered
  •  A sense of appreciation and fulfillment will be conveyed


The approach taken by these guidelines is intended to provide adequate compensation to professional church workers. Adequate compensation is viewed as a level of compensation that provides for the physical and spiritual well being of the worker and the worker’s family. It is intended that this level of compensation will release the worker from undue financial concern, thus allowing the worker to give full devotion and attention to the ministries assigned.


Congregations are encouraged to develop a ministry description for each professional church worker that includes a listing of the worker’s responsibilities and expected levels of performance. As a minimum there should be open communication regarding the ministries within a congregation and regular feedback regarding effectiveness. An annual performance review, whether formal or informal, is strongly encouraged. The worker and the congregation are best served when expectations are commonly known and regular communication is the norm rather than the exception.



  •  Download and Open the Salary Guidelines (Microsoft Excel).
  •  If a dialog window appears regarding macros, click on "Enable Macros".
  •  If you wish to save the calculator workbook, click "File" on the menu bar in your browser window, then select "Save As". Select a location to save the file and click on "Save". You can access the worksheet in your browser window or by opening the saved Excel file.
  •  Select the tab labeled "Worksheet"; instructions are in the red box at the top of the sheet.
  •  Input the salary/benefits variables for each worker, giving consideration to the comments under "Benchmarks" above. You may use the TAB key to navigate between fields, or click on the yellow input fields using your pointing device (mouse).
  •  Please read the informational comments for important information and assistance with input: Certain input fields have a red tab in the upper right corner. Place your cursor over the field to reveal the comment box.
  •  Confirm that inputted variables are correct -- they are used to calculate the guideline results.
  •  Click on the "Publish Report" button in upper right area of the page to print the Salary Calculation Report.
  •  To repeat the salary calculation process for another worker, click on the reset button to clear the worksheet and complete the process again.

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