LCMS Eastern District



A variety of communication techniques are being employed to help the Eastern District fulfill it’s promise to support:
     “Healthy leaders [congregations] vigorously equipping the people of God for Kingdom growth.”


In response to those needs, the Eastern District utilizes the following communication tools:
1. Breaking New Ground (BNG)
    A bimonthly publication distributed  in electronic format.

2. Share the Light
       A bimonthly publication distributed in electronic format.
3. Eastern District Website
4. E-News
       A monthly email distributed to approximately 800 subscribers in an html format.
5. E-Communicator
     A weekly email distributed to subscribers in an html format.


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Communication in the Eastern District continues to be a work in progress, being consistently challenged by the changing nature of digital communication. It is the hope and prayer of the Eastern District that through whatever means the future has in store, we provide our workers and congregations with resources and information that will enhance their ministry - to the Glory of God!

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